3-D Design

Mannimation, LLC's cover photo was created using Autodesk Maya's Viewport 2.0 and the OpenGl Render Engine. Several layers of the still frame were created and then composited using Adobe After Effects. The use of 2D and 3D elements together creates exciting possibilities for the finished piece and lends itself to animated versions later on!


The Maya Environment in wireframe. Careful attention to a project's pipeline and clear communication with the client in both the early stages and throughout the course of a project allow for a creative and productive working relationship!

Here are a few examples of the rendered layers for the cover photo. Knowing what can be obtained in camera and what will need to be composited together helps streamline the rendering process and gives the most flexibility in the final product's look.

The final composited image. The lake was created with only the use of Adobe After Effects by manipulating a few of the 3D layers and then adding 2D effects. Some of the layers were 'erased' in strategic locations to reveal the wireframes of the 3D models underneath.


Bonus! The revision! This hue and value revision was created for ManniMation's business cards. An optimized file structure, scene hierarchy and non-destructive edits allows for future manipulation and revision.